13 Wedding Gift Ideas: For the Groom

Buying each other gifts for your wedding is an optional tradition and many couples see it as a great excuse to buy their betrothed a thoughtful extra present on the special day. Men are notoriously hard to buy for though, so what exactly can you get to show you’re thinking of them? We take a look at 13 amazing gift ideas for grooms so they can feel the love on the morning of your wedding day.

1. Breakfast

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make sure your groom and his entourage are well fed and watered by taking care of the catering in the morning. Why not send room service to his hotel room or order a breakfast hamper to his door to ensure that he doesn’t take on the day on an empty stomach?

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2. Hip Flask

It’s a classic wedding gift and one that will always be welcome, especially if you’re husband-to-be has any pre-wedding jitters! Make it special by getting it engraved with a personalised message or filling it with his favourite tipple for a spot of Dutch courage.

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3. Cuff Links

A pair of cufflinks are a must-have for a wedding and can quite often get forgotten in all the preparations! It’s easy to get a bespoke set too, complete with the date of your wedding or both your initials for a sentimental touch.

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4. A letter

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts don’t cost a thing. Show your fiancée just how much he means to you by writing him a letter to open on the morning of your wedding. It will set the mood for your romantic day and make him feel truly special.

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5. Boudoir Photography

Looking for more of a saucy gift for your groom? Why not show off your sexy side by posing for some boudoir photography? Give it to him in the morning before your wedding and show him how lucky he really is! For Your Eyes Only offer special packages for brides to give to their grooms which make for a unique and certainly private present.

6. A personalised print

A personalised print is a wonderful gift for him that will mark the special occasion nicely. Use a quote, lyrics from a favourite song or an image that demonstrates your love for each other. Whatever you choose, it’ll be sure to strike a chord and bring back memories of your wedding day every time you see it.

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7. A New Fragrance

The sense of smell is said to be the strongest so why not make a new scent your present for the groom on your wedding day? Go for something that’s classy and sophisticated to help him feel suave when you tie the knot.

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8. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be both a stylish and practical gift for a groom. For one reason or another, he probably won’t have slept much the night before so a pair of designer sunglasses might be just the trick. They’ll add an extra element of class to his outfit too so he’s bound to love them.

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9. Watch

Always a popular gift for the groom, a watch is a great way to treat him to something a little extravagant and he’ll have no excuse for being late in the future too! Make it extra-special by engraving the back with a little personal message. Christopher Ward offers some amazing dress watches that are just perfect for a big occasion like your wedding day.

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10. A hair stylist/ barber

Want to ensure that your husband-to-be looks well-groomed on your big day? Why not send him a personal barber for a last minute trim or even a cut-throat shave so he looks smooth and sophisticated.

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11. A Groom Survival Kit

This is a great homemade gift for grooms and will make sure he has everything he could possibly need for your wedding. Make a box full of essentials: hair gel, deodorant, tissues, etc. so that he’s completely covered for any eventuality. Don’t forget the paracetamol for the morning after too!

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12. A Groom Journal

Another sentimental touch which is becoming more and more popular. This gift idea for grooms is basically a record of all the things that he has done (no matter how small) which have made you smile, laugh and just generally be grateful that he is in your life.

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13. A How-to-Guide

For a light-hearted groom’s present idea, why not try a handy ‘how-to’ guide so he knows exactly how he should behave on your wedding day and for the years to come. The informative and entertaining ‘How to be a Good Husband’ was written in the 1930s and is a wonderfully outdated book full of “tips” for your fiancée to follow in order to keep you happy.

13 Wedding Gift Ideas: For the Groom - How to guide | CHWV

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Looking for more present-buying help? Take a look at 8 Father of the Bride Gift Ideas and get the other man in your life something special to say thank you on your wedding day.

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