19 Times that Cats Made Weddings Infinitely Better

It’s a general rule in life that if you want to make anything better, then just add cats. Tying the knot is no exception as these 19 cats at weddings will now prove.

1. This would have just been your bog-standard, run-of-the-mill special moment if it wasn’t for those kitties.

Image Courtesy of Josh Madson Photography


2. A happy couple is sharing a loving moment together, but who are you really looking at?

Image Courtesy of John Shim Photography


3. Not even the most amazing boho bride could rock a flower crown like this.

Image Courtesy of @hello.navi on Instagram


4. Or look this happy while they’re doing it.

Image Courtesy of Pretty Flowers


5. Who else is going to make you smile this much on your wedding day?

Image Courtesy of Ivash Studio


6. They’ve got that suave look nailed down.

Image Courtesy of The Rover Boutique


7. Even if they might not be too happy about it.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed


8. They’re so good at it in fact, I bet you didn’t even notice or care about the groom’s dusty shoulder?

Image Courtesy of Reese Moore Weddings


9. What’s that? You want more cats wearing flower crowns? Okay.

Image Courtesy of Cats Fotos


10. Cat weddings wouldn’t be right without cat wedding favours.

Image Courtesy of Oh Lavache


11. And cat wedding cake toppers.

Image Courtesy of Kym Ventola


12. Even when they’re doing something seriously naughty, they’re still awesome.

Image Courtesy of Kitteh Kats


13. They have been making weddings better for years.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed


14. And are the only ones who can really make the bride happy.

Image Courtesy of Caroline Studios


15. See?

Image Courtesy of One Love Photography


16. Oh, and grooms.

Image Courtesy of Sapphire Event Group


17. And flower girls too!

Image Courtesy of Flora Bella Collection


18. They might be a little unsure of the whole marriage thing at first.

Image Courtesy of House Photography


19. But when they approve, they’re sure to make your wedding day the best ever!

Image Courtesy of Caroline’s Collective

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