9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums

She’s been your sounding board, shopping partner, a voice of reason and quite possibly a financial backer for your wedding day. It goes without saying that mum has probably played a huge part in the lead up to your wedding day, and has no doubt found it as much of an emotional rollercoaster as you have! Why not say thank you for all her support and buy her a special present to give her on your wedding day? We take a look at nine wonderful wedding gifts for mums that are sure to put even more of a smile on her face.


It’s a classic gift for mums and a beautiful way to say thank you for all her help. Pick a bouquet that holds some of her favourite flowers and she’ll have a bright and fresh floral present from your special day.

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - Flowers | CHWV

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Tree/Bush for the garden

If your mum loves being out in the garden, then why not switch out the bouquet of flowers for something that she can plant in the garden? A young tree or bush would make a lovely wedding gift and will last for years too.

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - Tree or Bush | CHWV

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Another timeless way to give your mother a special treat on your wedding day! Buy her a new piece of jewellery to celebrate everything that she’s done for you or maybe even gift something from your own collection that she’s always liked to show just how much she means to you.

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - Jewellery | CHWV

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Mum’s always love a good candle! Why not treat her to a one that’s a bit special and fill her home with wonderful scents that will bring back memories of your wedding day? Jo Malone and Diptyque are a great place to start your search.

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - Candle | CHWV

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Capture the big day

A personalised photo frame makes a wonderful wedding gift for mums and a lovely memento of your wedding day. What you fill it with can be special too so why not ask your photographer to capture some pictures of you and your mum? Then when your wedding photos are ready, you can pop it in the frame so she can enjoy that moment forever.

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - Capture the day | CHWV

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Photo album

While your mum has no doubt been a great help in the build up to your wedding, she’ll most likely have been a huge part of your whole life. Celebrate the special moments over the years by collecting them all together in a photo album that’s sure to bring a smile to her face, and maybe a tear to her eye too.

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - Photo album | CHWV

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A night away

With all the pre-wedding stress and wedding day nerves, your mum is certain to need a break after it’s all over. Provide her with some R & R after you’ve tied the knot by booking a night away in a luxurious hotel. She can unwind in comfort and reminisce about your big day.

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - A night away | CHWV

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A restaurant voucher

After a wedding day full of decadence and delicious food, it’s easy to get a taste for the finer things in life. Provide your mum with a trip to a fancy restaurant and help her keep living the high life for a little while longer!

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - A restaurant voucher | CHWV

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Spa Day

A spa day would be the perfect way to de-stress after the whirlwind of emotion that was your wedding day. Say thank you by ensuring your mum is fully pampered, it’s no less than she deserves after all her help!

9 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mums - Spa day | CHWV

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Whatever wedding gift you choose for your mum, make it thoughtful and special and she’s sure to love it! Need some inspiration for gifts for your dad? Check out our guide to 8 Father of the Bride Gift Ideas.

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