Alternative cakes ideas

As sweet as it is, wedding cake isn’t for everyone. Maybe you have bad memories of dry fruitcake in heavy royal icing, or maybe you just prefer savoury snacks. Maybe you want to mix it up with a centrepiece that’s guaranteed to get your guests talking! Whatever your reason, here are seven alternative wedding cakes that will suit you down to the ground.

Cheese cakes

The cheese wedding cake is a trend that’s really taken off at British weddings over the last few years, and we’re sure it’ll stick around for a while yet! This is a great option to have alongside a traditional sweet cake, or even to replace it – serve with a variety of crackers, chutneys and fresh fruit for a cheese course with a difference!

Alternative cakes ideas


Not to be confused with cheese cakes, cheesecakes are definitely more for couples with a sweet tooth. Companies like The English Cheesecake Company create incredible five-tiered cheesecakes that are ideal for weddings, with delectable flavours such as Cookie Cream Smash and Champagne Chocolate Truffle. You could even get mini cheesecakes to serve up to 100!

Alternative cakes ideas

Image courtesy of The English Cheesecake Company

Macaron cake

Macarons have made a massive comeback in the last year or so, and are the ideal delicate treat for weddings. Instead of simply giving your guests a delicious macaron as a wedding favour, why not have an entire wedding cake made out of them? They come in a huge variety of colours and flavours, and are much lighter than traditional cakes – bonus!

Alternative cakes ideas


This confectionary masterpiece is stolen from our European neighbours – a croquembouche is a tower of filled choux pastries covered in spun caramel, and is often served at French and Italian weddings. They look completely beautiful on their own, but you could also decorate your croquembouche with sugar flowers or chocolate.

Alternative cakes ideas

Pork pie cake

Another fantastic savoury option, the pork pie cake is a relative newcomer to the world of weddings, but we’re pretty sure that UK couples are going to welcome it with open arms! This scrummy three-tier version is from good old Marks and Spencer, and would be a fantastic option either for a winter wedding feast or a summery picnic-style celebration.

Alternative cakes ideas

Image courtesy of Marks and Spencer

Cake pop cake

If you’re a cake fan but want something a little lighter (and more creative!), then the cake pop cake is for you. These bite-sized treats can be easily customized to fit your wedding theme – we love a stylish ombre take on the trend – and you can even make them yourself! Why not get your bridesmaids round for a night of cake-pop making and create your very own wedding cake or favours?

Alternative cakes ideas

Doughnut cake

If you’re a Krispy Kreme fiend or your other half comes over all Homer Simpson when he spies a doughnut, then a fun alternative to a traditional cake is the doughnut wedding cake! Krispy Kreme sell stands of up to 216 delicious doughnuts, or you can buy in bulk and create your own.

Alternative cakes ideas

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