Children At Weddings: The Big Debate

Compiling the guest list has to be one of the most challenging elements of wedding planning. Do you invite family you haven’t seen in years? What about colleagues; should they get an invite to your day? Perhaps the most difficult decision of all is whether to have children at your wedding. In today’s blog post, we help you make that crucial decision and give tips on catering to your littlest guests.

Three reasons for kids at weddings

1. To minimise fuss and keep guests happy

Let’s face it, there are already enough things to sort out as a bride – let alone telling friends and family that kids are banned. Often, including children at weddings is the easiest and simplest option.

Children at weddings: The big debate | CHWV

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2. They can be a cute addition to your day

There’s no doubting that your littlest guests will be extremely cute – when they’re not high on wedding cake! They add a lovely touch to all your wedding photos and can make a special addition to your wedding party too.

Children at weddings: The big debate | CHWV

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3. For the perfect party

Kids are fearless and often boast that confidence we all wish we had on the dance floor. With children around, you needn’t worry about your dance floor being empty – they’re sure to have a ball! Children help create that light-hearted atmosphere and are sure to make you and your guests giggle.

Three reasons against kids at weddings

1. You’ve opted for a posh black-tie wedding

Some weddings just aren’t kid-friendly. If you’ve opted for a posh, formal affair, with free-flowing champagne, it may not be suitable for younger guests.

2. They can be rather noisy and restless

Children love to get attention – and sometimes they’ll do everything they can to get what they want. If you’re worried about children screaming during your ceremony or little guests causing a scene during the wedding breakfast, it may be worth cutting them from your guest list.

Children at weddings: The big debate | CHWV

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3. You’re on a tight budget

Little guests do come at a cost. While many wedding venues offer meals at half the price for kids, this still adds up. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for an easy way to cut costs, banning kids may be your answer.

Post-decision: How to say “no” and how to entertain little guests

If you do decide to invite children to your wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Entertainment: A wedding day is long for an adult – and feels even longer for a young child, especially with their usual routine disrupted. Investing in child-friendly entertainment, such as a magician, is a good idea. You could also provide party packs for kids at the wedding breakfast tables and arrange a fun treasure hunt in your venue’s gardens during the drinks reception.
Children at weddings: The big debate | CHWV

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Children at weddings: The big debate | CHWV

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If you’re looking for ways to keep kids entertained inside, why not read this blog post. You’ll find plenty of ways to ensure they have a good time! We also have lots of tips for your kiddie party bags in our DIY wedding pack blog post.

  • Menu: It’s important to cater for children’s taste buds and feed them something they will eat. Don’t worry about serving up something posh – classics like pizza or nuggets and chips are often the most sensible idea.
  • Childcare: A nanny or crèche service can come in handy for children at weddings. With specialist childcare, you can ensure the little ones are amused and kept busy and that the adults are given space to enjoy the evening too.
Children at weddings: The big debate | CHWV

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For those of you opting for a child-free wedding, it’s best to address the topic early. Clear, friendly communication with wedding guests is essential. As soon as you send out your initiations, make guests aware of your child-free intentions. For example, list the names of your guests on the invitation but not “and family” or the names of their children. It’s also a good idea to follow up the invitation with a call to explain why you’ve chosen not to invite children to your day. This will also allow parents ample time to arrange childcare.

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