Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails

Tired of the usual reception drinks cropping up at weddings time after time? Mix it up (pun intended) on your special day by serving your guests up a summer cocktail that gets their taste buds tingling while they soak up the sun. We’ve put together a list of our favourite classic cocktails, as well as some modern and alcohol-free drinks that are sure to go down a treat!


The Pimm’s Cup cocktail is the liquid embodiment of an English summer! It’s as fruity and refreshing as it is tasty and the perfect way to celebrate in the sun. Simple to make and easy to drink, this just might be the ultimate summer drink.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Pimms | CHWV

Image courtesy of Julia Frey

First created at the world-renowned Harry’s Bar in Venice, this beautiful blend of prosecco and peach puree is served in a champagne flute and is a classy and elegant addition to a summer wedding drinks reception.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Bellini | CHWV

Image courtesy of London Cocktails Scholars

It’s tequila time! One of the all-time classic cocktail recipes, this citrusy and sour summer drink looks and tastes great. Salt the rim of the glass and serve with a wedge of lime for maximum effect.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Margarita | CHWV

Image courtesy of Serious Seats

Who doesn’t love a mojito? On a hot summer’s day, it’s the perfect choice for a wedding cocktail. With its unique flavour combinations of brown sugar, mint, lime, and of course white rum, it’s sure to keep your guests refreshed.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Noble Pig | CHWV

Image courtesy of Nobble Pig

The classic Spanish cocktail recipe has many variations, but the original consists of good red wine, brandy, orange juice and soda water. It’s topped off with a generous helping of sliced fruit for an added burst of flavour and colour.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Sangria | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jessica Knott

Mint Julep
For the whisky lovers among you, this classic cocktail muddles Bourbon, sugar and mint together into something wonderful! A great summer cocktail for sipping as the sun sets and the evening party gets underway.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Mint Julep | CHWV

Image courtesy of Renee Nicole’s Kitchen

Old Fashioned
Unleash your inner- Don Draper for your wedding drinks reception and keep your guests refreshed and seriously cool with the world’s first classic cocktail. This simple blend of whisky, bitters, sugar and a twisted citrus rind is the ideal choice for those looking for a touch of traditional class with their drinks reception.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Old Fashioned | CHWV

Image courtesy of Honestly YUM

The tipple of choice for the Sex and the City squad, this summery cocktail looks and tastes sublime. Serve in a cocktail or martini glass for that elegant look and even use the distinct shade of pink to tie into your colour scheme!

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Cosmopolitan | CHWV

Image courtesy of Kitchen Swagger


Blushing Bride
If you’re looking for the ultimate wedding cocktail, then surely this has to be a contender. A simple blend of peach schnapps, grenadine and champagne, this beautifully coloured cocktail is one that everyone will enjoy, not just the bride!

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Blushing Bride | CHWV

Image courtesy of Happy Wedd

English Garden
Sweet, fruity and refreshing, this cucumber gin-based cocktail is ideal for an al fresco, summer wedding reception. The mint and cucumber garnish really make this wedding drink stand out!

The Firecracker
Watermelon, lime and cucumber vodka are all refreshing on their own, but combined they reach new heights of cocktail refreshment. Perfect for a summer wedding and something unique for your special day!

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - The Firecracker | CHWV

Image courtesy of Creative Culinary

Strawberry Basil Bourbon Lemonade
This unconventional flavour combination is a real treat for your wedding guests. Bourbon is blended with strawberry and basil for a wonderfully summery concoction that will be a sure-fire hit.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Strawberry Basil Bourbon | CHWV

Image courtesy of Maysquared


Coconut Lavender Lemonade
You don’t need alcohol to make an amazing wedding cocktail, and this homemade lemonade proves it! The flavours combine to make a truly refreshing drink, and the colour really makes this non-alcoholic stand out.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Coconut Lavender | CHWV

Image courtesy of Confectionalism

Cranberry Rosemary Refresher
This cooling combo of blitzed cranberries and apples is flavoured with a hint of rosemary to give it a refreshing and different taste. Replace the fruit with juice to make the whole thing easier and then sit back and enjoy your beautiful non-alcoholic cocktail.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Cranberry Rosemary Refresher | CHWV

Image courtesy of For the Love of Food Blog

Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail
Take the mint and lime from a mojito and combine it with pomegranate juice for a grown up but alcohol-free mocktail recipe. This both looks and tastes divine and is a great alternative drink for your guests to enjoy.

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Pomegranate Mojito | CHWV

Image courtesy of Host of Toast

Bonny Lassi
Lassi is a refreshing and traditional Indian drink, and this version combines mango sorbet and natural yoghurt to create a real alternative to your usual glass of fizz. Bordering on frozen yoghurt, it’s a great way for your friends and family to keep cool on those hot summer days!

Drink Me – Summer Wedding Cocktails - Bonny Lassi | CHWV

Image courtesy of Babble

With so much variety and so many amazing flavour combinations to choose from, finding the perfect cocktail for your summer wedding drinks reception has never been so much fun! If you’re looking for the ultimate spot to enjoy your wedding cocktails, take a look at our 15 Stunning Summer Settings for your special day.

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