Hen do etiquette

The hen party is one of the most enjoyable elements of wedding planning – an opportunity to spend a day, evening or perhaps even a weekend with your closest friends. Follow our dos and don’ts to make sure your event goes all right on the night…

Hen do etiquette

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For the bride…

DO choose your chief bridesmaid wisely. Make sure she’s well-organised and happy to plan your hen party, and also that she’ll arrange something you’re going to enjoy.

DO give your bridesmaids an idea of what you would like to do. They want you to have a great time, so a few guidelines are always useful.

Hen do etiquette

Image courtesy of www.bridalmusings.com

DON’T be too controlling. If you’ve given a few suggestions of what you might like (or not like) to do, leave the rest to your bridesmaids. They may have a few surprises in store, and it’s all part of the event.

DO be gracious. A lot of planning and effort will have gone in to your hen party. Be sure to thank your bridesmaids and make sure they feel appreciated.

DON’T be late! If you’re given an arrival time, make sure you’re there on the dot.

For the hens…

DO listen to the bride. This is a memorable event for her, and should be so for all the right reasons! If she says she doesn’t want to walk around wearing ‘L’ Plates, don’t make her.

DON’T get too drunk. If the bride-to-be has to escort you home at the end of the evening, you’ve gone too far. If it’s the other way around, fair enough!

DO make sure payment is clear. All hens should be aware of what they need to pay for the event, and whether or not you’re all paying for the bride too. There shouldn’t be any unexpected costs at the end of the evening.

DO look after any hens who might not know anyone else. Often a hen party involves friends from various walks of life. It’s your job to make sure everyone is introduced and included.

Hen do etiquette

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DON’T do a disappearing act. As chief bridesmaid, you need to be there for the entirety of the event. This means you can’t disappear off with your boyfriend or go home early. You’re there for the long haul!

DO hold your tongue! This is not the night for arguments of any kind, especially with the bride-to-be.

DO consider all eventualities. An excellent hen party organiser will plan everything from the moment you all meet up to the taxi home. If you have made bookings, confirm them beforehand and take all paperwork and telephone numbers with you.

Hen do etiquette

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