How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding

Denmark is often called the happiest country in the world, but why? Well, it’s down to a little thing called hygge. Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) means different things to different people, but is along the lines of taking pleasure in comfort, enjoying cosiness and celebrating that feeling of warmth, love, and intimacy.

It can be as simple as taking some time to read a book, meeting up with your friends for coffee, or getting cosy under a blanket and watching an old film. Basically, make enjoyment a priority and revel in the simple and special moments that make us feel warm inside.

At Selected Venues, we think that a hygge wedding sounds heavenly! It’s a day full of wonderful and memorable moments, so do away with the wedding day stress and celebrate every part of this special day. We show you how to plan the perfect hygge wedding, so your day will be full of happiness and love.

Pick the right season

While spring and summer have their own ways of being hygge (think barbecues, outside celebrations, etc.), autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for creating a warming and cosy feel to your wedding. Low temperatures or pouring rain only increase that hygge feeling!

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Pick the right season | CHWV

Image courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

Choosing your venue

There’s no right type of venue here really, although personally we think a rural barn or a classic country house lend themselves perfectly to this wedding style. FYI, fireplaces and hyggekrog (that’s a nook or snug to you and me) are considered very hygge indeed!

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Choosing your venue | CHWV

Image of Bassmead Manor Barns courtesy of Rafeabrook Photography

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Choosing your venue | CHWV

Image of Tyn Dwr courtesy of Chris Morse Photography

Atmospheric Lighting

The flickering flames of candles create a wonderfully relaxing and cosy environment and look great scattered around your venue or in table centrepieces. Fairy lights, lamps and lanterns all work well too.

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Atmospheric lighting | CHWV

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Snuggle Up

Create that warming feeling both inside and out with blankets on hand for your guests while you tie the knot. Use chunky knits and faux furs to decorate lounge areas and make them truly inviting.

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Snuggle up | CHWV

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Be at one with nature

Wooden decorations and a natural theme are a perfect way to bring the outside in and celebrate your surroundings. Wooden candle holders and centrepieces work like a charm!

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Be at one with nature | CHWV

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Throwback to the past

There’s something incredibly comforting about vintage, so it makes perfect sense to include a vintage theme in your hygge wedding. Whether it’s in your outfit or your decorations, it’ll be a welcome addition.

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Throwback to the past | CHWV

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Food to nourish the soul

Comfort food is a definite yes for a hygge wedding and dishes like casseroles, beef wellington or a traditional roast dinner will go down a treat and what about a mouth-watering sticky toffee pudding or classic apple pie to finish?

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Food to nourish the soul | CHWV

Images courtesy of The Happy Foodie and BBC Food

Warm your cockles with drinks

You don’t always have to celebrate with champagne! Mulled wine is the perfect way to toast your marriage while a hot chocolate station is ideal for that cosy and fun aspect to your day.

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Warm your cockles with drinks | CHWV

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Keep it casual

Dress code? What dress code? Keep it simple and relaxed with a casual style to your day. That goes for your guests too!

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Keep it casual | CHWV

Image courtesy of Rembo Styling and Shane Shepherd

Prioritise the little things

Perhaps the most important part of a hygge wedding; make time and enjoy those little things which will make your day even more special. Enjoy a cup of tea with your mum and dad before you tie the knot, spend time with your closest friends, or steal away for some intimate wedding photography. Basically, do what makes you happy and celebrate every moment!

How to Have the Perfect Hygge Wedding - Prioritise the little things | CHWV

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So there’s our guide to having the perfect hygge wedding. We can’t wait to see this trend becoming more and more popular!

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