One wedding dress? Try three!

With Italian aristocrat Beatrice Borromeo opting for three gowns for her 2015 wedding, why have one wedding dress when you can have a dazzling selection?

After all, if you’ve already started searching for “the one” you’ve probably fallen in love with at least two dresses by now, so there’s no point in limiting your options.

Dress #1 – Your ceremony gown

Firstly there’s the iconic white wedding gown that we all dream of; the gown we’ll walk down the aisle in, the one that will wow our husband-to-be and guests. As the dress that will hold the most sentimental value when you look back on your day, this will be the gown to splash the cash on. Traditional, and in ivory and white, your first dress is likely to be a classic design and feature in all your formal photos.

One wedding dress? Try three!

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One wedding dress? Try three!

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One wedding dress? Try three!

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As you don’t need to be too concerned about the practicalities of your first gown – as you’ll only be wearing it for a few hours – you can go as big and bold, or figure hugging as you wish. As you’re not tied down to one dress for the day it doesn’t need to be 100% comfortable.

Dress #2 – Your wedding reception gown

When buying your second dress it’s important to keep the afternoon’s activities in mind. Will you be playing garden games? Or are you planning to indulge in a huge feast? Whatever your plans, make sure you think about comfort and style when you’re looking for a perfect second gown.

If you’re opting for a more traditional dinner party, you could choose something sleek and sexy for gown number two. Think low plunging back, a fishtail or figure-hugging fit, and daring illusion-style designs.

One wedding dress? Try three!

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One wedding dress? Try three!

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One wedding dress? Try three!

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Dress #3 – Your party frock

Come evening it’s time to slip into your party number – think shorter hemlines and a bit of glitz and glamour. At this point it’s a good idea to change your shoes too so you can enjoy a night of celebrations on the dance floor.

With three dresses you needn’t compromise on style. You can have dainty, sleek and stylish all in one day. Your wedding day is also the perfect opportunity to splash out on style – you are going to be the centre of attention after all!

One wedding dress? Try three!

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One wedding dress? Try three!

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One wedding dress? Try three!

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Top tips for choosing multiple wedding dresses

If you’re thinking of buying two or more gowns remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Think carefully about your budget and how you want to split it across your multiple dresses. You probably want to allocate the most to the first gown.
  • Decide whether you want your dresses to complement each other, or whether you want to radically change your look for each phase of your day.
  • Think about jewellery, accessories and lingerie requirements. Can you re-use the original pieces with your outfit changes, or if you need to include that in your budget too?
  • Don’t forget the high street – especially when it comes to your evening gown. You will be more than likely be able to bag a bargain for under £200.
  • If you like the idea of multiple looks but don’t have the budget why not look for a convertible dress? Some gowns offer a detachable skirt or removable lace overlay, which you can play around with to completely change your look.
  • When making your choices, ultimately choose what makes you feel like a true bridal beauty.


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