Save Money When You Book a Wedding in 2024

Booking a wedding in 2024 may mean you have less time to plan. However, there’s no need to panic!

In this article, we’ll share some top tips for how to bring your wedding together in a shorter time scale as well as some suggestions of venues that have a handful of remaining 2024 dates.

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How long does it take to plan a wedding?

There’s a common misconception that weddings have to take a really long time to plan. However, the truth is that wedding planning time can be as long or short as you wish! The only stipulation is that legally, you need to give 28 days’ notice of your marriage in your local registry office before you can get married. 

Planning a wedding in a short space of time can certainly be challenging, but it’s also really exciting! We’ve seen couples plan weddings in nine months, six months, and even two or three months! There’s no specific timeline that you absolutely have to follow when preparing for your big day and that means that you can make it your own and do whatever works best for you.

You might think that having a shorter wedding period can cause more stress. Actually, many couples say that when your planning time is shorter you actually get less stressed! There’s less time to get carried away agonising over decisions, you have to be decisive and quick when making decisions and then they’re out of your mind.

Image taken at Brookfield Barn, West Sussex.

Thorough planning is key 

Planning any event can be stressful and, of course, there will be times when you feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning a wedding in a short space of time. To mitigate the overwhelm, make a list of all the things you need to do either on paper or digitally on a wedding planning tool. 

Make a list of what is urgent, important, non-urgent and fun extras. Get started with the urgent and important planning aspects first then perhaps delegate other elements to friends or family who would love to help. 

The first thing we always suggest to do is book your venue. Once you’ve got your date secured everything else can begin to follow suit. You can find out guest numbers and prices from the venue and then begin to create a guest list from that. Once you’ve got your list you can send out invitations or save the dates to make sure your guests know to book the time off work.

If you’re looking to book a 2024 wedding, there’s still plenty of time to speak to suppliers to make sure everything you need. Most venues will have a recommended supplier list who they’ve worked with in the past who know the venue really well, meaning you won’t have to worry about spending ages on the phone explaining layouts and logistics. 

You’ll also want to make sure you book your registrar as soon as possible. Once all of these big things are sorted, you can start to move on to the smaller but exciting things like decorations, gifts and table settings.

Image taken at Curradine Barns, Worcestershire.

Ask for help 

If you have 12 months or more to plan a wedding, you can afford to take your time and do everything by yourself if you want to. However, when you’ve only got a few months you need to focus and not let small decisions distract you. To do this, you may want to delegate smaller decisions to friends or family. If you know what kind of flowers you want, why not ask family or a member of the bridal party if they could speak to the florist for you and arrange everything for delivery on the big day. 

If you’re having bridesmaids, you could ask them to source their own dresses. Perhaps stary by giving them a colour scheme a general steer on style but allow them to make the decision themselves. This takes one less job off your plate and also means your bridesmaids will feel completely comfortable and happy in the style they’ve chosen. 

Don’t forget that venues will have a team onsite who have a wealth of experience and will know every in and out of weddings in their setting. Don’t forget to ask them for advice and help with decisions and even recommendations or examples of what other couples have done.

Image taken at The Pear Tree, Wiltshire.

Review your budget  

Your wedding budget will underpin your entire vision and how feasible it is to plan and execute a wedding in just a few months. Keep your budget in mind whilst you look for venues and make decisions on aspects of the wedding.

One positive aspect of having a wedding in 2024 is that there are some fabulous offers across many venues, meaning you can save money on your big day and bag your dream wedding venue sooner than you think! In fact, we’ve put together a list of our top wedding venues around the country that will offer you the unforgettable day that you’re dreaming of with everything you need to celebrate your love in style. And better still, all of these venues are offering significant discounts for any remaining 2024 date! What’s not to love?!


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